Navagos Beach Bar Restaurant
The ultimate #entertainment and #tasting experience in samos
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Navagos Beach Bar Restaurant

The summer experience in Samos

Welcome to the ultimate all day  destination in Aegean in Samos Greece. Relax with the most fresh music vibes from our Dj’s combined with unique tasting and cocktails . Special Events create the absolute summer destination.

Enjoy the amazing view of Aegean Sea in a peaceful enviroment with signature cocktails and the most tasty recipes.


A Tasting Experience in Samos

All day creative cuisine wiil accompany your pleasant stay in Navagos Beach Bar Restaurant

There, where the turquoise and crystal color of the sea meets the green of the pine and the olive tree, COME and meet NAVAGOS.

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How the story began

In 2009 a young man came out after a shipwreck at the turquoise waters of Tsamadou beach. Since then, both the most beautiful beach and the magnificent island of Samos got their own “NAVAGOS” (“CAST-AWAY”).

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Navagos close up #promo video during Summer 2019. The ultimate entertainment attraction in Samos

Navagos Showcase

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